When the big day finally arrives, you want every moment captured from you two getting ready with your friends to the cake cutting to the getaway. We have some wedding photography tips to help you keep your wedding photographed every step of the way.

1. Hire a team of photographers.

Many couples think that one can do it all, but if one is constantly bouncing back and forth, they can miss great moments. Instead, hire a team of at least two photographers, that way one can be with the bride, and one with the groom during the preparation. Then, during the ceremony, they can capture different angles, including both the bride and groom’s faces during the walk down the aisle.

2. Have a separate videographer.

If you also want a video, be sure to hire someone separately for that. You want to make sure you get every moment and want your photographers to be busy capturing moments and reactions, and your videographer getting everything from the vows to the toasts.

3. Have an idea of how to pose.

Not all photographers will direct you on how to pose, so look up some pictures that you want ahead of time, and different poses for the two of you. This way, you can get the shots you want, and your photographer may suggest others you have never thought of.

4. Get a picture of the rings.

Make sure to get a picture of the rings beforehand. You’ll want those in with all of the other pictures and may not remember it after the wedding has started.

5. Take advantage of natural lighting.

Natural lighting is a photographer’s friend, so make sure that you get a few with some natural light, whether it’s streaming through the window or outside at your venue.