There are a lot of wedding superstitions passed down from generation to generation. Since this is one of the most important days of your life, it makes sense to worry about everything going right. Here are a few of the top wedding superstitions you need to know to help you get through the big day.

The Veil

One of the oldest wedding superstitions is that the bride should wear a veil to keep evil spirits at bay. This tradition started in Rome centuries ago. The spiritual superstition would eventually wear away, and today's bride wears a veil more for looks and tradition instead of fear of spirits interfering with her nuptials.


While many wedding superstitions are about bad things happening, the notion of rain on your wedding day being bad luck isn’t true. Many couples believe that rain on the wedding day is a sign of an unhappy marriage to come, but in ancient civilizations, rain on the wedding day symbolize fertility and many children to come following the nuptials.

Carrying the Bride over the Threshold

This is another superstition based on fear of spirits. Starting in the medieval times, many believed evil spirits could attack the bride during this vulnerable time through the soles of her feet. The husband was supposed to carry her over the threshold to protect her from harm and the tradition is still used today more for symbolism than a real belief in spiritual attacks.

Seeing a Nun or Monk

There is an old superstition that if a bride sees a nun or monk on her wedding day, she will remain barren for life and be forced to devote her life to charity rather than motherhood. While there is no basis for this being true, it was a superstition that held up for centuries.

Seeing the Bride before the Wedding

Dating back to the times of arranged marriage, seeing the bride before the wedding was only bad luck because many couples would want to back out after meeting but couldn’t due to the arrangement agreed upon by the families. While this superstition of not seeing each other is always touted as bad luck with no actual proof of it being so in modern times, many couples are breaking these superstition by doing “first look” photography sessions where they see each other before the wedding and a photographer records the reactions of the couple.