For those who are new to jewelry shopping, you may become overwhelmed with all the variety available. From diamonds to gemstones to cubic zirconia and pearls, there are so many choices! How do you know what is good to get or what’s something you won’t like? And what is cubic zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is a stone that looks very similar to diamonds. Unlike diamonds though, cubic zirconia is a colorless, synthetic gemstone. It can appear in nature, but it is extremely rare, so they are much more often lab-created. In jewelry, they are exclusively lab-created, unlike diamonds. Diamonds tend to come in two different types, natural and lab-created. Because they are so similar in appearance, cubic zirconia is often considered a substitute for diamonds.

However, there are more benefits to the cubic zirconia than just a cheaper price point. Unlike diamonds, because they are lab-made, they lack the imperfections that diamonds have. They also lack the different colors that may be found in diamonds, making them look more pure and crystal clear. To the naked eye, a cubic zirconia looks just like a diamond, with sparkle and clarity. They are also extremely hard, not as hard as diamonds, but close on the scale, making them durable options for jewelry.

Not only are these strong options, they also can come in a variety of colors, making them a more versatile jewelry option. Overall, cubic zirconia is a great option for a lower priced piece of jewelry that is durable and still has the shine and sparkle that you’d want from a diamond. They also are much easier to replace. Unfortunately, beautiful jewelry can draw the wrong kind of attention, and if something happened to your earrings or a necklace, it is much easier to replace a cubic zirconia piece than an expensive diamond.

Finally, it just makes sense to get cubic zirconia jewelry over diamonds when you are buying jewelry for a special event. Budgets, especially wedding budgets, can get very tight, which means you need to save wherever possible. Choosing jewelry that sparkles the same and looks stunning, for a lower price point, seems like the obvious choice when shopping on a budget.