When looking for the latest trends for the winter season, there are a few things you need to know. The use of color is one of the top trends for this season and a few colors are leading the way as far as trends. Let's take a look at the best winter jewelry colors to keep an eye on this season.


When it comes to winter jewelry colors, blue is a logical choice for the season. When we think of winter, most of us think of icy blues seen in a winter wonderland. There are two great, although different, blue options perfect for winter jewelry.

  • Sapphire. This is a darker blue with a pretty richness to it that is ideal for a more dramatic appeal. This color offers a royal appeal as sapphire has long been associated with royalty and wealth. It's ideal for a winter color because it brings a nice pop of dark color to your look and can be paired with cubic zirconia for a stunning contrast to balance out the darker blue.
  • Aqua. While many people think of aqua blue as more of a summer color, it is actually quite popular in winter. This blue can be perfect for creating an icy winter look for just about any occasion. It also pairs well with clear crystals or cubic zirconia to create a sparkling look or it can be worn on its own for a winter style full of charm.



For a look that is always in step with the trends of the season, clear and white styles are staple winter jewelry colors. This is the true definition of a wintery wonderland style perfect for the season!

  • Cubic zirconia. This stone gives all the sparkle and charm of diamonds but at a fraction of the cost. Since it's such a versatile stone, it can be seen in a range of winter-ready options from earrings to beautiful necklaces to match. This stone is perfect for winter and timeless in its appeal so you can re-wear it with each season.
  • Clear crystal. While crystal is a stone you can find in just about any color, the use of clear crystal is perfect for a winter staple. You can even pair this clear crystal with colored crystals in other popular winter tones such as sapphire or garnet for a striking contrast sure to make you the style queen of the season!
  • Pearls. Timeless in their appeal, pearls are a great choice for a winter-ready look. From a simple pearl bracelet to a set of pearl earrings, this is an option that is perfect for the office Christmas party or just the everyday look.



While blue and white are the more common winter jewelry colors, the red family has something to offer the season as well. With the use of red in jewelry, you bring a heightened appeal and a touch of stylish drama to your winter look.

  • Garnet. This deep red is beautiful when paired with a stunning cubic zirconia or clear crystal to balance out the darker hue. The red is perfect for a dramatic winter jewelry look sure to dazzle and delight for any occasion.
  • Ruby red. A slightly lighter shade of red compared to garnet, this is another winter red that works well for any occasion. It is also lovely paired with a clear stone to bring out a contrast and create balance.