When planning the big day, you want everything to be perfect. Achieving the right balance of elegance and charm for your preferences requires the right colors as the starting point. The right colors can make or break your wedding and reception as any bride knows. One of the hottest colors on the bridal scene is yellow. With its fresh, vibrant appeal, it is great way to add some life to your ceremony. Here are a few of the biggest yellow wedding trends you need to know.


The biggest of the yellow wedding trends is to use this color as one of your main colors. A few popular color combinations are white, yellow, and green; white, yellow, and navy; and white, yellow, and orange. The key to balancing out the use of yellow is to combine it with simple anchor colors such as white or gray to create a more natural look and help the yellow stand out without being too harsh. The best thing about yellow is that it can be used for a wedding planned for any time year. A lemon yellow is perfect for spring and summer to represent new life and new beginnings while a burnt yellow is beautiful for use during a fall ceremony to lighten up the darker tones of orange or maroon. From tablecloths to signs directing guests, yellow can make an appearance in several ways with your decor theme and overall wedding colors.


One of the easiest ways to get in on the yellow wedding trends is with flowers. You can easily add a few pops of yellow flowers, such as beautiful sunflowers perfect for summer or zinnias for a subtle touch, to bring this happy color to the big day. The table arrangements can be made as rustic and charming as you want by placing them in mason jars or you can go grand with elegant vases and large arrangements of yellow flowers. The bride’s bouquet can also feature this colorful hue. Whether carrying large sunflowers alone for a simple yet beautiful appeal or a carefully arranged bouquet with just little hints of yellow, this is a great way to add some lively color to the big day.


Another beautiful way to use this color on your wedding day is yellow dresses. Yellow is a happy color that comes in several shade variations, so you can get the right one of your big day. A popular choice is to have your bridesmaids in sunny yellow dresses with your groom in navy for a beautiful contrast that will look great in your pictures of the day. Even brides are getting in on the yellow color! Many brides are choosing colorful dresses over the traditional white of the past so if you want a wedding dress adorned with yellow flowers along the train or even an all yellow dress for a fun and chic approach, the options are truly endless. It is your day after all!