Accessorizing For A Winter Wedding

There is nothing so beautiful as a fresh snowfall or the beauty of winter stillness surrounding you as you say your vows. In fact, while spring and summer are very popular times for weddings, winter has its own set of brides who have their hearts set on being winter or even Christmas brides. However, knowing how to accessorize for a winter wedding can definitely be difficult for some, especially those brides who are heading out into the cold cold snow, and don't want to wear a sweater over their beautiful bridal gown. Luckily, we have the suggestions that will keep you warm, while also making sure you look beautiful whether in the cold snow or warmth of the venue.

We feel these are some of the best options when it comes to how to accessorize for a winter wedding.

  • A beautiful cream or white faux-fur shawl. Whether you're in a long sleeve dress or you're opting for a sleeveless gown for the ceremony, if you're heading outside at any point for pictures in the cold winter weather, you'll need something to help keep you warm. A faux-fur shawl will add an elegant touch to your look, while also keeping you nice and warm during your pictures. A wrap or small jacket will also work nicely, as long as it doesn't detract from your beautiful dress and only adds to it.
  • Winter boots instead of heels. If you're going to be out in the snow, and you usually get cold feet from the weather, make sure they stay toasty warm on this big day by pairing your dress with a pair of wedding boots instead of heels. Choose a stunning pair of white booties that feature a heel to go beautifully with your dress rather than open-toed shoes that much better match that of a spring wedding. If you want to add a bit of sparkle, a sequined pair of booties with a heel is another great option. Your feet will shimmer and shine with every step, and everyone will take note of the fashionable bride as she walks down the aisle. Winter booties also work well for a western wedding, simply opt for a more cowgirl type bootie, and your feet will be warm, while still matching the western wedding theme you have set.
  • Hats. Depending on your style, you may prefer to go with a hat and a veil or you may choose to instead go with a cute hat that will look beautiful and requires no veil. Either option is a stunning look for a winter bride and will help to keep you warm, especially if you are taking pictures outside or even holding the actual ceremony outside. Heat lamps can help a great deal, but you may still find yourself fighting the chill that a regular veil won't help with, but a hat will certainly help, while also looking extremely stylish and true to the season.
  • Earmuffs. These can be a fun addition to your wedding look, especially one out in the cold. These earmuffs will keep you warm and toasty for the ceremony or pictures, while also looking great. We all know earmuffs can be a necessity in certain temperatures, which makes this a wonderful accessory for a winter bride who really wants to match her theme for her wedding day.
  • A beautiful scarf. If you need to add some extra warmth but don't want to hide your dress under a jacket or wrap, we completely understand. That dress deserves to be shown off after all! However, before you decide you can brave the temperatures, we suggest a scarf. You can choose a faux-fur option that will keep you warm and cozy or even a blanket scarf that matches your wedding colors. That can be a great way to add a touch of color to your look, while also making sure you stay warm and cozy during your wedding.
  • Headbands. This is another great option if you are opting to not wear a veil during your big day. Instead, a faux-fur headband can be a great addition. You can find one in cream or white to match your dress or you can go with a blue for your something blue or even another color that matches your bridesmaids or some other wedding detail. These will keep your ears warm while giving you a unique hair accessory that isn't seen every day in wedding hairstyles.

Any of these stylish winter accessories will have you looking stunning, and ready to say "I do" in the wedding of your dreams.