Beach Wedding Accessories

Picture this: waves crashing on the shore, that relaxing sound bringing you peace in a stressful time. The sun making the water sparkle, the smell of the salty air as it lightly sprays your skin. If this is what you dream of when you are planning your wedding, then we have just the thing for beach wedding accessories. Playing up the aquatic theme, and focusing on lightweight materials that you'll love.

We have several options in our beach wedding jewelry collection that are perfect for that setting. Generally, when you are dressing for a beach wedding, you want to make sure your accessories are light, comfortable, and more on the natural side, as anything else could look a bit too flashy for the venue. Even if you are having your ceremony and reception in a beach-side hotel, you'll want to go with more natural accessories, something that will match the theme rather than overpower it. Some of the pieces in our collection feature freshwater pearls, perfect for the beach or destination wedding of your dreams.

Once you've settled on the jewelry, consider some foot jewelry. If you're having your ceremony right on the beach, you may opt for lightweight sandals or to go barefoot. If you want to show off your ankles and feet, there are several options to do that. You can find a beautiful anklet that will complement the rest of your jewelry or you can opt for some foot jewels in place of shoes. And don't forget to take some time for a pedicure. Beach weddings especially you want your toes to look their best.

You can dress up your bouquet, one of the final beach wedding accessories, and really tie in the beach theme. Add some seashells to the outside wrapping or opt for a unique bouquet that is completely made of seashells rather than flowers. Or add some starfish wood cutouts amongst the lightweight flowers you've chosen to really bring the theme to every aspect of your bridal look.