Benefits Of Attending Wedding Expos

When you have accepted a proposal and are beginning the wedding planning, it can all seem a little overwhelming. You may be choosing to hire a wedding planner, but even that is a lot and requires meetings to determine the best person for the job and for your wedding. If you're choosing to go in alone, you may not be sure where to begin from the flowers to the china to the dress. There are a lot of details, and with so many vendors out there it can be difficult to determine where to begin with it. Luckily, wedding expos come to different cities to highlight some vendors and help you get a bit of one-on-one time while also exploring your options. There are many benefits of attending wedding expos, and we go through each one so you can determine if attending one would be beneficial to you in your wedding planning process.

If you're not certain what a bridal expo is, let's go into a bit of detail. A bridal or wedding expo is typically an event held over a weekend at a large convention center or ballroom where hundreds of vendors attend with samples, portfolios, and more. Dress shops will bring dress samples, bakeries will often have small cake tastings, and venues will have pricing and pictures for you to go through.

Benefits of Attending Wedding Expos

  1. All your vendors are in one place. From bakeries to wedding planners to venues to flowers, everyone you could need will be at the wedding expo. For those vendors, expos are a great way to share their portfolios and expand their client base, so it is especially good for them to attend. This also gives you a chance for some face-to-face interaction that you may not normally get with such a large amount of vendors all in one place. You can speak with everyone and determine if they offer something that interests you and if you feel you would get along well with them if you chose them for your wedding. There's nothing worse than choosing an event planner and then finding out you two have very different ideas of what should be done.
  2. Some vendors will offer deals. A bridal show is the perfect time to get some deals on different vendors, especially since they will likely have a deal if you choose to book or place an order at the expo. This can be a great way for brides who are on a budget to get quality vendors at great prices.
  3. Get advice from others who have been through this already. Sure, you can talk to other brides at the expo, but most also have guest speakers to speak for 30 minutes or so, and that can be very informative. From budgeting tips to speaking about DIY weddings, there can be topics on anything bridal, so you might want to bring a notebook to take some notes and attend a few of the speakers who interest you.
  4. Sign up for prizes and giveaways. In addition to samples, there are often games and prizes that you can sign up for, but you can't sign up if you don't attend. Get yourself in the running for a free honeymoon on the beach or even a free designer dress by submitting your information. You need a dress anyway, free is the best price of all.
  5. Know the current trends. Any vendor at the bridal expo is going to be up-to-date on the bridal trends, which means even if you are planning a DIY wedding, you can easily take notes and make sure everything you're planning is on-trend or a classic choice for a wedding. Knowing the trends will make it easier for you to get everything you've ever wanted for your big day.