Best Cocktail Ring Styles For Your Hand Shape And Size

You may not have realized just how much goes into choosing the proper bridal jewelry for your big day. For many, it's all about what matches your dress and whether or not it is in your budget, but there is one other key factor that is often overlooked. We go over the best cocktail ring styles for your hand shape and size, so you can find the perfect option for your unique hands.

Just like other types of jewelry, the wrong piece can draw attention in a way you don't necessarily want. Luckily, with our best cocktail ring styles for your hand shape and size, you can find the perfect shape and style for your hands.

Large Knuckles

If you prefer to not look at your knuckles because they are the largest part of your hand, then we have the perfect option for you. The right ring will capture attention away from your knuckles, rather than draw it towards them. If you have large knuckles, you'll want to look at thicker, heavier bands, something that will draw attention to the ring. Anything that is a statement piece will also do the trick.

Slender Fingers

You already have very delicate digits, the last thing you want to do is overpower them, so you'll want to choose a smaller option, but a larger band. Our Leilani cubic zirconia ring would be a great choice for slender fingers, it's not overpowering, but it still adds a touch of glamour.

Short Fingers

You need something that will lengthen, and the best choice is an oval-shaped ring, as well as a slender band. This way, you'll elongate your fingers rather than crop them.

Wide Fingers

If your digits are a little wider, that just means you have more variety when it comes to which cocktail ring to wear! You can choose larger settings, a larger band, and shapes and designs, or even cluster styles. All of these look fantastic, and your fingers can pull off the larger styles.

Small Hands

The same thing fits for small hands as it did for slender fingers. You want something a little more delicate, nothing too overpowering.

Large Hands

Again, just like having wider fingers, larger hands means that you can rock those large statement rings with no issue. They'll stand out without overpowering your hand.