Bridal Bracelet Styles

It can be difficult to decide on the perfect bridal jewelry for your big day. There are so many choices out there, but narrowing it down is easier than ever before. Each piece of jewelry has a specific style, and each style matches up with a bridal look. Once you decide on which bracelet style you prefer, you can easily make a decision on the best piece for your wedding needs.


Also known as dainty bridal bracelets, link wedding bracelets are on the smaller side. They connect together with one link and provides just a little bit of something extra on your wrist. Because of the size and how many options there are for the appearance, this is a very versatile style and works with a wide variety of dress styles.


Statement bridal bracelets are eye-catching. They are a larger size, and often use a lot of sparkle to help draw the eye to it. Think of large leaves or large stones encircling your wrist. Some of them can give a stacked appearance, while others are a partial cuff. The variety of statement pieces is large, meaning that it can work for a variety of bridal dresses. The only style we recommend not using with statement bracelets is a long-sleeved gown. It can be quite a bit at your wrists with the sleeves and the bracelet.


Made to make a bold statement, cuff style bracelets are stunning, and eye-catching. They come in a variety of different designs, including pearls to crystal flowers. A cuff style usually has a small gap without latches or closures, and they are simply slipped over the wrist. This style also works well with a variety of short-sleeved gowns, though it may be a bit too much with long-sleeved gowns.


Made for stacking, bangle bracelets are generally very thin in diameter and work for a variety of dress styles and bridal looks. The beauty of this style is that you can wear one for a very simple, elegant accessory, or you can add more drama by adding more pieces to your arm. Bangles come in a variety of styles with crystals, bows, rhinestones, pearls, and more.