Bridal Jewelry Materials

Brides always tell us that they want their jewelry to be “perfect” and choosing the right material is often a good first step. Since you need to have a decent understanding of which materials are suitable for such an occasion, here are our top four bridal jewelry materials every bride should have on her radar!

1. Cubic Zirconia

If you’re looking for a fine jewelry look without the associated price tag, consider cubic zirconia bridal jewelry. We believe these high-quality stones are the next best thing to diamonds which puts them at the top of our bridal jewelry materials list. They provide the subtle sparkle many brides are looking for and give a formality to your look. Best of all, they can be created in a range of colors so if you’re looking to match a certain hue, it can probably be achieved with this stone.

2. Crystals

Like cubic zirconia, crystal bridal jewelry gives off a moderate amount of sparkle that is noticeable but not overbearing. These pieces photograph well since they pick up a great deal of light. Best of all, they are very affordable in general. Crystals can be dressed up or down and look great for most any bridal look you’re creating from ultra-formal to rustic elegance. While there are a few types of crystals on the market, the most reputable choice for an elevated appearance is Swarovski. They have been the go-to for this beautiful choice for over 100 years and you’re sure to dazzle with the qualities of their pieces.

3. Pearls

Of course, when looking at the top four bridal jewelry materials, you have to mention pearls. This is a timeless staple that is easy to incorporate into any bridal look with ease and surprising affordability. Women have worn pearl bridal jewelry for centuries as a symbol of purity and perfection. Pearls look fabulous when combined with other materials such as crystals or cubic zirconia. Many of our pearl pieces are available in our colored pearl collection which lets you create a more personalized take on this classic style staple. With more than 35 different pearl colors to choose from, these are the perfect choice for bridesmaids to match with their dress, or as part of a modern bride’s ensemble looking to add a playful color to her big day.

4. Rhinestones

If a bit of glitz is what you’re after, these mirrored stones are the perfect choice for serious sparkle. Many dresses and veils are set with rhinestones, so choosing rhinestones in your jewelry or hair accessories will pull your look together. This is one of those bridal jewelry materials that is easy to accessorize with, and best of all, is incredibly affordable for the bride on a budget.

Word of Advice

While the foundation of choosing your bridal pieces is to understand these four materials, having a few helpful tips is always a good way to make sure you get the right selection for your big day. The most important thing to know is that while most of these materials mix and match beautifully, you need to pay attention to the other details of your ensemble. Many of our pieces combine pearls with crystals, cubic zirconia, and with rhinestones, so much of the work is done for you. The general fashion rule is to choose a material that is going to be consistent with your look, from your hair accessory to your shoes. If you have pearls sewn into your gown, then selecting a pearl combination is an obvious choice. A crystal embellished veil is best alongside earrings and a bracelet with crystal or cubic zirconia components. Also, consider the formality and total look of your wedding. A strand of pearls may be perfect for most occasions, but jewelry with a lot of bling might be out of place. There are so many bridal looks and styles today, so finding the perfect bridal jewelry and accessories to fit your needs doesn’t have to be a hassle.