Bridal Jewelry Mistakes

Your big day is rapidly approaching, and you want to make sure that everything is perfect. We’ve put together a list of bridal jewelry mistakes, to help you make the right choice when it comes to completing your bridal look. Review our list, and check one more thing off the bridal to-do list!

1. Don’t mix and match styles

With so many beautiful pieces out on the market, it can be hard to choose which ones. Maybe you’re eyeing a round ring, but your necklace is a square pendant. Despite the beauty of the round option, go with something that matches and choose a square shape. It’ll flow better, and the whole look will easily be pulled together, rather than giving it that mix and match appearance.

2. Don’t mix colors

You may have several colors in your wedding theme, but stick to just one for your bridal jewelry. It can be tempting to choose complementary colors for the different pieces, but overall it’s just too scattered and can take away from the overall look that you’re trying to achieve. Instead, pick one color, and make sure all your pieces match perfectly.

3. Don’t stack on the jewelry

Stacking different bracelets may look nice for a day out with the girls, but it’s not necessary on your wedding day. If you stack the pieces, it may come across as cluttered, which is the last thing you want on your big day. Instead, if you want more of your arm covered, choose a larger bracelet that makes more of a statement.

4. Match your jewelry to your dress

If your dress is more modern, don’t choose vintage jewelry to go with it. It can be a bit confusing to have the two very different styles in your bridal look, and it can detract from the overall vision. Instead, make sure that if you have a classic dress, that your jewelry matches. If your dress is vintage, then go with a more vintage style jewelry to keep everything in the same time era.

5. Don’t mix and match metals

On an everyday basis, this isn’t a huge deal. On your wedding day, it can detract from your whole look if you have a gold colored ring and silver necklace. Instead, pick a metal, and make sure that every piece you wear, and even those of your bridesmaids, match and complement each other seamlessly. It will allow your look to flow more.

Bridal jewelry mistakes can easily be avoided with the proper planning, and execution of shopping. Find the right look for you, and stick with it throughout the entire bridal look.