Bridal Party Trends

When planning the big day, you need your best friends by your side for this important step! When it comes to choosing the members of your bridal party, that is the easy part for most brides. Whether you need help with dresses or colors, here are a few of the biggest bridal party trends you need to know to make your day magical.

Smaller bridal party

One of the most popular bridal party trends lately is to scale back the size of your entourage. The days of having all your girlfriends, your siblings, your cousins, and anyone else your mother insisted be included are pretty much gone. Brides are choosing to scale things back to only include a few key members such as sisters and close friends for a more intimate appeal.

Coed bridal party

While the party size may be shrinking in recent years, there are other changes taking place on the bridal party trend. In the past, it was always assumed that a woman’s closet friends were naturally women. In today’s world, it isn’t always true that a woman’s closet friends happen to be women and more brides are choosing to reflect this with coed bridal parties. From having her brother serve as her “man of honor” to including her male childhood friend as part of her bridal party, there are tons of stories of women including special guys in the bridal party today.

New takes on old dresses

Aside from the actual members included, another of the biggest bridal party trends is about the dress. The biggest trend is to blend vintage elements with more modern elements to create the best of both worlds in one beautiful look. A few examples of this can be seen in dresses using flowy tulle skirts with a fitted silhouette and thin straps, or even a formal sweater paired with lace skirts. There are tons of ways to blend vintage and modern elements in a way that is seamless, and this is one of the hottest bridal scene trends.

Same color, different dress

Another great trend popping up on the bridal party scene is mismatched dresses. Don’t let the word mismatched fool you. The trend is for dresses to be all the same color to create a unified look yet different in cut or silhouettes to provide more individuality to your bridesmaids. Allowing your bridesmaids to wear hems of different lengths or long sleeves instead of thin straps allows them to find an option they are comfortable wearing on the big day while the color unites the overall look.