Bridal Social Media

One of the toughest tasks a bride may face is planning her wedding. There are so many little details, from the overall theme of the wedding to the different cake styles, dresses, jewelry, hair and makeup ideas, and so much more. Everything must come together seamlessly for your perfect day, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of social media to help you plan your perfect wedding day. We’ve put together a list of bridal social media you need to know to help with the planning process.


This is a no-brainer, even if you just got engaged, odds are that you have a wedding board on your Pinterest, and if not, go get one started. This is a great resource for hairstyles, bridal gowns, centerpieces, picture ideas, save the dates, makeup, etc. Pretty much everything you need for your wedding ideas is on Pinterest, and you never know when you’ll find just what you were imagining for your big day.


The use of hashtags and the ability to search by them has made things super easy when it comes to wedding planning. There’s a variety of social influencers and even magazines who use Instagram to share wedding details and pictures. Check out the different options for your Instagram-worthy day. Not only that, but you can create a hashtag for your wedding day and then ask your guests to post any pictures taken with that hashtag.


You may not have thought Skype or a Facetime app would be helpful, but it can help you to discuss things with people who are not right there with you. Bring your groom with you virtually to select the napkins when he’s on a business trip or meet with your wedding planner even when you are taking a short weekend getaway.

Bridal websites.

Now, you don’t have to rely on a magazine to get all of your wedding inspiration. Instead, you can have it right on your laptop or tablet while you’re enjoying your morning coffee or waiting for an appointment. Just sit back, relax, and browse all the different wedding sites available to you.

Being a bride in this digital age opens up a lot of doors to you for design and inspiration, so take advantage of it. There are so many more bridal social media sites and apps that every bride needs to know, this is just a small portion.