Bridal Veil Styles

The big day is coming! When you’re completing all the final preparations, don’t forget about one of the final touches to your bridal look. The wedding veil! Entrenched in history, the veil is a piece of bridal attire that is still worn to this day. There are many different bridal veil styles, and which one you want depends on your wedding gown, as well as personal style and taste.


The birdcage style veil is the shortest, it can cover just the bride’s forehead or go down to her chin. Because of the different style of it, it is usually made out of a netting, rather than a lace. It is a great option for a more vintage bride.

Juliet Cap

Just like the name implies, this type of wedding veil wraps over the bride’s head like a cap, and then wraps around and flows down her back. This is more of a vintage style veil and does not have the ability to cover the bride’s face.


This is a very traditional veil style. It is a simple, single-layer veil that merely sits atop the bride’s head. It usually has lace or some sort of embroidery around the edging. It is long enough to drape over her shoulders and is an elegant option that works beautifully with soft curls and low hairstyles.


The blusher-style veil goes just below the bride’s chin, making it slightly longer than the birdcage style, and it is traditionally made of more of a lace or taffeta material.

Elbow Length

This type of veil will fall between the shoulders and elbows. It can be flipped back after the wedding and is a beautiful, classic bridal look.


This is one of the most classic bridal veils. It falls around the bride’s fingertips when her arms are by her side and offers a flirty addition to her look. This is a great option for updos or low hairstyles.


A Ballet length veil will fall around the back of the bride’s knees. It is a romantic look, and can be made with multiple layers of fabric or it can be just one layer, that drapes around her shoulders.


This is a veil that goes all the way to the floor. It is elegant, formal, and can be worn with a variety of hairstyles and dress styles. These type of veils will often have intricate lace, embroidery or embellishments.


The longest of all the bridal veil styles. The Cathedral style extends far out behind the bride, even farther than the train on her gown. It is meant to be spread out and straightened during the ceremony after the bride walks down the aisle. It is elegant and dramatic.