Care & Maintenance Of Anna Bellagio Jewelry

When it comes to your jewelry, whether for your wedding, special occasion, or just fashion ready pieces, the matter of care is of paramount importance. If you want to keep your accessories for a long time and preserve the memories they represent, proper care is a must. Here are a few tips on care and maintenance of Anna Bellagio jewelry to make sure your favorite accessories stay beautiful and in top shape.

1. Clean it regularly

One of the biggest enemies of any type of jewelry regardless of the material is natural oil found on the skin. When you wear your jewelry, you are naturally adding this oil to your jewelry. This is in addition to any perfumes, lotions, sunscreen, makeup, or anything else the jewelry comes in contact with during wear. The best way to make sure your pieces avoid buildup from these elements is to clean it regularly. In fact, every time you wear it, you should wipe it down with a cloth before storing it away and schedule a more thorough cleaning with warm water and mild detergent every few months, depending on how often you wear the piece.

2. Keep away from water

For the most part, jewelry and water do not mix. Whether we are talking about showering, swimming in the pool or ocean, or soaking in a bubble bath, jewelry can take on damage from constant exposure to water. Certain types of metal can easily become discolored and tarnish from water exposure. Keep your jewelry away from water as much as possible to extend the look and life of the accessory.

3. Store away from heat

Aside from water, heat and sunlight can be a concern. Many pieces can lose their color from too much exposure to direct sunlight or high levels of heat. Metals can even become chipped or cracked if left in such an environment. Make sure you store your jewelry in a cool, dark place such as a dedicated jewelry box rather sitting out in the open.

4. Create a memory box

If the pieces are something you don’t wear very often, such as the pieces you wore for your wedding day, a great way to ensure they stay beautiful forever is to incorporate them into a memory box. This will let you admire the jewelry forever while keeping it safe.