Christmas Wedding Ideas

The most wonderful time of the year is coming, and in that may also include your wedding date. If this is the case, congratulations and happy holidays! What could be a happier holiday season than tying the knot with the one you love? However, if there's a specific holiday you are planning on hosting your wedding during, we have you covered with our Christmas wedding ideas. There's no better time to start a brand new chapter in your love story than near the most magical time of the year. Anything can happen during Christmas after all.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when planning a Christmas themed wedding is limiting themselves to a red and green color scheme. Break out of that mold and go for a variety of other Christmas wedding ideas that play on a large variety of themes, not just the traditional red and green. We've put together a comprehensive list to help you bring your dream wedding to life.

  1. Go with chic silver, gold, and blue color schemes. Everyone may think of red and green when you say Christmas, but for a more classic Christmas wedding idea, go with more of a silver bells theme. This is elegant and can evoke thoughts of a stunning winter wonderland. For the bridesmaids, there's nothing more beautiful than gold glitter dresses or even velvet dark blue options that will look sleek, and stunning. Add in silver or gold with the tablecloths or festive bows tied around the chairs.
  2. Add more twinkle lights. Nothing says romance, and Christmas, like lights galore. This is one theme where there is no such thing as too many twinkle lights. For centerpieces, put clear white lights inside glass vases to light up each table. Add a canopy of twinkle lights over the dance floor to create a magical look for your guests. For pictures, brave the colder weather outside and get some of the whole bridal party in front of twinkle light wrapped trees, bushes, and lights hanging down from above. To get even more creative, put lighted bushes around the room as part of your decorations. These will allow you to keep the lights down low, while not limiting your guests from moving around freely and enjoying the winter wonderland you've designed.
  3. Have a Christmas bouquet. This is where that red and green color scheme can come in if you really need to add some pops of that color. Red berries, white flowers, and greenery can make a wonderful bouquet for a Christmas wedding, and with just small pops of red and green, it's not overwhelming in any way, and can still fit in with a different color scheme, such as silver and blue.
  4. Change up your first kiss as a married couple by adding a dash of mistletoe magic. Have mistletoe hung over the wedding altar before your ceremony begins to add an extra special touch to your wedding that ties in perfectly to the theme. For even more holiday magic, you could put it around the reception area, so your guests can enjoy the mistletoe as well.
  5. Mix traditional flowers with pine. Add natural table runners like pine branches put together with traditional flowers mixed in for the tables. They'll add that wonderful holiday smell that everyone associates with Christmas, as well as add a rustic touch if you're still having more of a rustic style wedding.
  6. Use pinecones for a variety of different things. Pinecones can be coated in glitter and put in clear bowls as seasonal decorations around the room, and they can also be used as festive placeholders. They also can go in your festive bouquet for a nice outdoors touch, and you can even have pinecone shaped cookies on the dessert table, lightly dusted with "snow" (powdered sugar, but no one has to know).
  7. Change out traditional wedding china for Christmas place settings. These can be mix and match to create a true laid-back feeling or you can purchase sets that match your theme. Many china manufacturers offer options with cardinals, deer in snow, holly berries, trees, red flowers, and so much more.
  8. Have Christmas treats readily available. Amp up your drink offerings by offering hot apple cider, hot chocolate with peppermint sticks or Schnapps, and of course, eggnog. All of these drinks can be customized into adult beverages, as well as offered plain for the younger guests in attendance and for some variety. Christmas mimosa recipes abound, and you could easily have your bartender whip up a custom Christmas cocktail just for the wedding. For a twist on the traditional dessert table, add Christmas cookies for guests to choose from in addition to the cake. Everyone likes to load up on sweets during the holidays.
  9. Tired of tapping on glasses to get attention? Take your attention-grabbing décor up a notch by having a set of sleigh bells available to gather attention when it's time for speeches. This is a great option also to insist on a kiss from the bride and groom by handing each guest a pair of sleigh bells to jingle throughout the night.
  10. Change up the traditional wedding cake. Instead of going with a traditional option, go with something that looks like a Christmas gift. You can still have all of your necessary layers, while adding a touch of that festive spirit with fun fondant bows and white chocolate snowflakes. You can even create colored chocolate ornaments to adorn it.
  11. Since it will likely be cold, let the bride achieve her ice princess dreams by dressing her in an all-white floor-length coat. This is the perfect way to stay warm during those outdoor pictures, while still looking elegant and perfectly in-theme.
  12. Getaway car? How about a getaway sleigh? When the happy couple is ready to leave the reception, nothing says romance like a horse-drawn sleigh. If it doesn't snow, a horse-drawn carriage will work just as well!

These Christmas wedding ideas will allow you to take your upcoming wedding to the next level. These stray from the traditional path, which will create an enchanting day for you to celebrate with your loved ones.