Classic Wedding Jewelry Pieces That Will Never Go Out Of Style

There are certain classic wedding jewelry pieces that will never go out of style. They just offer a stunning look that some brides will love and continue to use even 100 years from now. These pieces offer a timeless elegance, and what bride wouldn’t want that on her big day? If you prefer a more classic look, and are searching for ideas regarding your wedding jewelry, we have several suggestions you’ll want to include in your bridal binder.

Some of our favorite classic wedding jewelry pieces that will never go out of style include:


Despite some of the myths surrounding this jewelry type, it is a classic that brides all over the country choose to wear on their big day. Depending on their dress and the bridal look, some may go for more statement pieces featuring pearls, while others will go for simple pearl studs in their ears. No matter which look you prefer, this is a classic bridal look that will never go out of style. What makes these especially great is how easy it is to incorporate them into your look after the wedding as well. Pearls are so versatile and work for special occasions as well as everyday fashion styles.

Dainty link bracelets

This is a common choice for brides, as it gives a touch of sparkle to your wrist, without overdoing it. This style can be worn with any type of gown, making it a wonderful selection for any bride. The best part is how many different options come in this style of bracelet. A bride may opt for the standard tennis style bracelet with stones or diamonds simply lining the entire thing or she may want a touch of floral embellishments on it, which adds a certain texture to the bracelet.

Pendant necklaces

The great thing about pendants is they can be worn with so many different style gowns. More than that, whether you are shopping for a new pendant for your bridal look or you are wearing one that has been passed down from generation to generation, it is a beautiful piece that doesn’t make too much of a statement, but still gets noticed. Pendants can come in so many forms, from a heart shape that was given to you by your beloved to a classic drop style that you chose specifically for this special occasion.

Dangle earrings

This is always a popular choice as many brides like to wear their hair up on their big day, and this accentuates their chin and draws the eye up and then down to the gown. Dangle earrings come in many styles from dainty drops that will match a pendant to cascading florals that will look beautiful on their one accord. No matter which you choose, this is a stunning choice that won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

All of these classic wedding jewelry pieces that will never go out of style are stunning additions to your bridal look. If you are a fan of a classic wedding look, this is a great place to start when it comes to finding ideas for your big day. Just go with what feels right to you, as your comfort is most important on the big day.