Cocktail Ring Guide

Whether you are a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding or simply looking for a few pointers on how to wear certain pieces in general, there are a few things to know regarding cocktail rings. With our cocktail ring guide, find out the must-know elements of how to make this accessory work to your advantage.

1. Choose bold colors

One of the most important tips in our cocktail ring guide is to go for the bold colors over the more subdued colors. A cocktail ring is meant to be bold and attention grabbing and there is no better way to do this than with a striking prop of red, purple, orange, or green. The color should be bold and deep over lighter shades to get the most effect.

2. Go big or go home

When looking at the size of the ring, it should border on gaudy. You don’t want it to be so large it is uncomfortable to wear, but it should definitely be larger than your typical fashion ring. Of course, if a big ring doesn’t feel right to you, you can choose to keep it smaller but make sure the focus is on the color or the intricate details of the design if you choose to go with a smaller cocktail ring.

3. Choose imitations

While many people may think that a cocktail ring needs to be authentic to be worthy of your consideration, this is one of the few types of jewelry where imitations should be welcomed. For example, using cubic zirconia instead of real diamonds or colored crystals in place of real gemstones is a great substitute to keep in line with a budget without compromising on the beautiful style you expect for a cocktail ring.

4. Mix and match

A great way to make your cocktail ring stand out is to mix and match your rings and other accessories. While you may think making every piece match or correspond with one another is the best way, it can sometimes drown out the focal point of the ring. If you have a colorful cocktail ring, don’t pair it with other pieces in the same hue but rather let that be the main color and add less colorful pieces to the mix to make the cocktail ring really stand out.