Homecoming Jewelry

There are two big dances for high school students, Prom and Homecoming. Homecoming dances happen each year, after the big homecoming football game, and are open to all students at the school, not just the juniors and seniors. Generally, homecoming jewelry, like the dresses, are a little more simple than their prom counterparts. Now, this isn't to say you still can't go all out with your homecoming jewelry, you just want to make sure that it matches your dress, which will most likely be a shorter style.

When choosing homecoming jewelry, there are several options you can go with. 


Adding sparkles to your look with your jewelry is a definite good option for homecoming. Crystals and cubic zirconia are great for adding that touch of elegance, without costing as much as diamonds.

Statement pieces.

For many, if you opt for a simple homecoming dress, you can really glam it up with statement jewelry pieces.


Pearls can be a beautiful addition to any homecoming look, especially if your dress is more polished and refined, adding an extra touch of elegance.

Chandelier earrings.

These will definitely stand out and make a statement on your big night, and the glow of the disco ball and the different lights will catch and sparkle on them. 

There are so many options for homecoming jewelry, especially in our selection of pieces. Check out the different colors and styles we have and find the perfect choice for your look.