How To Choose Hair Accessories For Your Wedding

For any bride, the beauty is in the detail. From the elements of the decor to the dialing on her shoes, everything is carefully chosen to bring her big day to life just the way she dreamed. When it comes to choosing the right hair accessories for the wedding day, here are the three biggest tips to help you achieve a look that works for your big day and bridal style.

1. Decide your hairstyle in advance

The biggest factor in finding the right hair accessories is how you plan on wearing your hair on the big day. Deciding on your hairstyle should be one of the first things you do in planning your bridal look. If you are wearing your hair down and free, the need for hair accessories is mostly null, but for any other style, hair accessories are a must-have item to complete your bridal look. For updo or half up styles, you can add a beautiful clip to help keep things in place or a set of crystal beads to sprinkle throughout the style for a touch of glam.

2. Match to your dress details

Aside from the hairstyle, you should consider your dress details. By looking at the dress details and choosing your hair accessory accordingly, you can create a more streamlined and visually pleasing effect overall. For example, if your dress has bead details, adding a beautiful feather and beading hair clip will add a nice mix of variation and similarity which is a hard balance to achieve but offers the best result.

3. Consider your jewelry

Another easy way to find the right hair accessories is to consider your jewelry. While many brides think the two are not closely related, they are in fact connected because they can easily cause a discord in your appearance. For instance, if you choose pearls for your hair accessories but crystals for your necklace and earrings, it will make the hairpiece look out of place. You should always aim to find a hair accessory that is similar in elements and design to your jewelry yet different enough to be noticeable in the right way.