How To Propose With A Pet

There are so many fun, cute, romantic ways to propose to your significant other. Whether you are the one popping the question or you are the one being proposed to, you've probably dreamt of it a few times. For many, they have a pet that both parties adopted together or one they have that is joining the family that they want to incorporate into the proposal. If this is the case for you, check out our suggestions on how to propose with a pet.

There are many common and not so common ways to propose with a pet, and we go into all of them so you can find the perfect fit for your proposal.

  • Ring around the collar. This is a great proposal option for cat or dog owners. You can present your soon to be fiancé with a new kitten or puppy who has a dashing collar with a ring attached to it or you can set up your older pet with a ring on the collar and have them walk up to your significant other.
  • Have your animal wear a sign. You can have your animal set up in a bed or on the couch, have your significant other walk into the room and see the sign, and turn around to you bent down on one knee. This is a great way to pop the question, without giving your pet the ring.
  • Love notes attached to the collar. This is a great way to either pop the question via your animal or you can send your beloved on a scavenger hunt with your pet providing the clues. The final piece of the puzzle will lead them to you on one knee.
  • Make a treat trail for your furry friend and your love to follow. At the end of the trail, you can have a romantic picnic or something set up for your proposal, and both your significant other and your pet will love it.
  • Have your pet present the ring. This is something we only recommend with the most well-trained dogs who will not stray or drop the ring or ring box prematurely. Also, be careful if you're proposing in a different area than your pet is used to, as this could confuse the pet and cause them to run off the wrong way or get distracted by other animals.
  • Give your significant other a new pet after they say yes. Have your little puppy or kitten ready to meet his or her new mom or dad behind the scenes with a cute balloon that says "I said yes" or a sign or collar that says that. It's a cute way to seal the deal and start two new chapters in your life at the same time.
  • Dress your little furry child up in a suit or dress that asks "will you marry me" and send them on their way to propose for you. This is a fun way to get your animal a cute new outfit you'll treasure for years to come as well as a great story.
  • For a truly unusual proposal, train a bird to fly in with the ring in the middle of your proposal. Just make sure your beloved doesn't have a fear of birds.
  • Give your cat a ring-shaped toy. When your significant other comes out to see what your little kitty has found to play with, you can drop down to one knee and propose.

These are just a few suggestions on how to propose with a pet, and hopefully you'll find one that fits your style and comfort level.