How To Rewear Bridal Jewelry

Many women love the pieces that helped complete their bridal look, but hesitate on wearing their bridal jewelry again. Luckily, we have several tips on how to rewear your bridal jewelry, so you can use those pieces again and again, even if your big day is over. Some women may opt to never wear their jewelry again, but for some, who don’t want to just put it in a box with the dress, they want to try rewearing those pieces and bringing that magic back into their lives.

Depending on the pieces you’ve chosen for your big day will help you to determine how to rewear your bridal jewelry.


  • Stud pearl earrings can be worn every day for an elegant addition to your outfits. They are simple and go with anything.
  • Anything that has a bit more glitz and glamour to it needs to be relegated to date night or a girls night out, someplace where you are a bit more dressed up and the jewelry won’t look too out of place.


  • Depending on the simplicity of the crystal jewelry chosen, you can start rewearing it immediately. If you opted for a simple crystal bracelet, wear it to work, it can be a beautiful everyday piece that isn’t too overpowering.
  • If you opted for a statement necklace, you may want to keep that more for a fancy dinner or a gala for charity or work.

The main thing to remember when rewearing your bridal jewelry is that you don’t want to wear jewelry that is too dressy for where you are headed. If you’re going in to work, dangle earrings may be a bit much, especially if they are beautiful crystals. However, if you have a holiday party, this is the perfect time to break out the red crystal earrings that you wore on your wedding day. Just try to examine the situation and make sure that your jewelry isn’t too overpowering or too much for the event.