Maid Of Honor Accessories

Your maid of honor has been there with you through it all, through the thick and thin, and there's no one else you would want by your side on your big day. Of course, you have your whole bridal party, but the maid of honor and bride generally have a very close bond, one that time nor distance hasn't been able to separate. There are several maid of honor accessories you can give your friend to help her stand out among the other bridesmaids.

Some common maid of honor accessories include:

  • A different colored dress. That's right, your maid of honor can wear a different color than the rest of the bridesmaids. While anyone in attendance should know who your maid of honor is by where she is in the processional and then standing near you, just in case, make her stand out by choosing a different shade of color for her dress.
  • A statement necklace. Your bridesmaids may have simpler necklaces, so you can make your maid of honor stand out with a bold statement necklace in a corresponding color. It can be a special gift from you to her.
  • Add a belt. Your maid of honor's dress can always be accentuated by a sparkly or blingy belt that will add a little extra something to her bridal look.
  • Colorful accessories. If all of your bridesmaids are opting for simple, muted accessories, give your maid of honor something with a pop of color.
  • A flower crown. This is a great option for her instead of a bouquet, especially since she will be holding yours during vows. Instead, keep her hands free, and accessorize her hair with a beautiful flower crown that matches the flowers in your bouquets.
  • Add a ribbon to her bouquet. If you still want your maid of honor carrying a bouquet, add a colored ribbon or a special brooch to it, to help her stand out a bit more.
  • Different lipstick. Your maid of honor could rock a red lip while the rest of your bridal party sticks to a more subdued neutral color option.
  • Different styled dress. If all of your bridal party is wearing a dress with a higher neckline, give your maid of honor one that dramatically dips or has more of an off the shoulder style. Something that will help her stand out even more in the pictures.

There are so many maid of honor accessories that can help your MOH stand out a bit more from the rest of the bridal party. After all, she's helped you get to this big day, let her shine a bit for all her hard work.