Matching Bridesmaids

Matching ‘Maids?

When it comes to coordinating the accessories of the big day, there are a lot of concerns to iron out first. The biggest concern for many brides is the matter of matching bridesmaids in terms of the jewelry to be worn on the day of the wedding. Should your bridesmaids all wear the same jewelry? Not necessarily. Bridesmaids come in all personalities, shapes, and style preferences so why not allow that to show throughout in their jewelry? Here are a few things to consider when looking at matching bridesmaids jewelry overall.

Choose a Theme

When you want matching bridesmaids, the dress is the most important element. While most brides choose to have a set of dresses all in the same hue but in different styles or cuts, they forget they can do the same with the accessories! Just like dresses aren’t one style fits all, accessories should be tailored to the wearer instead of all the same piece throughout the entire bridal party. The best way to accomplish this is to find a unifying theme and let that be your guide. For example, if you like the appeal of florals, you can choose several pieces from the same collection of a floral design, such as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, and have your bridesmaids wear one piece each from that collection. You can also choose different styles of accessories in the same color hue to allow each woman to have her own unique sense of style while still keeping with the theme of your bridal party.

Consistency is Key

The key to mixing up jewelry styles is that they all should complement one another and have an element of consistency. Wildly different styles, colors or materials will likely look more mishmash that magnificent. Make sure you stay consistent in both shades of colors, as well as design elements. For instance, if you have chosen a vintage style necklace for your girls to wear, pairing it with modern style earrings will certainly clash and create a discord.

Individual Style

If you know one of your gals hates wearing earrings, there’s no reason she can’t go without. Or maybe you’ve outfitted your bridesmaids in different styles of dresses which is the perfect opportunity to choose a single earring style and branch out with a few different necklace styles. Our "How to choose the perfect bridal jewelry" article makes it easy to match jewelry to a variety of gown necklines, from strapless to halter styles. When it comes to matching bridesmaids, the key is to consider the personalities and personal styles of your girls to make sure you find the right choice for them to feel comfortable and look beautiful on your special day.