Minimalist Bridal Jewelry

Every bride is different and has different goals for their perfect bridal look. For some, it’s to have this perfect dress with matching jewelry that is absolutely showstopping, while others prefer a more minimal look in their dress and jewelry. We’ve put together some minimalist bridal jewelry to make it easier to find the perfect bridal look for your needs.


Pearls are a great option for minimalist bridal jewelry, because they can be simple studs in a cream or color. Nothing more, very minimal, very elegant, and very bridal.

Dainty bracelets

These are small, perfect for women with smaller wrists or who are going for the minimalist look.

Stud and button earrings

Very small details, that add just a touch of glamour, without adding too much to the entire bridal look.
Pendant necklaces. These are small, dainty necklaces that are perfect for the minimalist bride, without being too much.

Minimalist bridal jewelry is perfect for the bride who doesn’t like to wear a lot of jewelry. For some brides, it can be kind of overwhelming to put on all this extra jewelry, especially if they rarely wear anything during the normal workweek or weekends, so it’s much easier for them to go with a minimalist look, something that they can feel comfortable in. After all, comfort is especially important when it comes to your wedding day.