Pearls For Tears Superstition

There are many superstitions surrounding jewelry. When it comes to pearls, there is a deeply rooted superstition about wearing pearls on the wedding day. This is what you need to know about that old pearls for tears superstition in preparing for the big day.

What is the superstition?

The superstition has been around for centuries in regard to a bride wearing pearls on her wedding day. Since ancient folklore claims pearls are a symbol of tears, wearing pearls on the wedding day will lead to a sad marriage. In fact, the number of pearls on the string is said to indicate how many tears the bride will cry or how many unhappy years she will endure in the marriage.

Does color matter?

While there are many colored pearls on the jewelry scene today, the superstition is more closely associated with the traditional opaque pearls rather than specially colored pearls. However, there are some beliefs that colored pearls in certain colors, such as darker tones like black, can be an omen of dark times ahead in the marriage.

Is it true?

Like most superstitions, there is no evidence to back up this claim. While this one is seen in several cultures which makes it pretty universal, there is little validity to the claim. However, many brides choose not to risk it all because no one wants a sad marriage full of tears!

How to combat it?

You can decide you don’t believe in superstitions and do what feels best for you on the big day. Many modern brides are bucking traditions to embrace pearls on the big day. Pearls are also commonly seen on bridesmaids in modern times because it is a pretty style and it keeps pearls off the bride without completely removing them from the wedding day. For the brides choosing to stay away from pearls just in case, there are plenty of alternatives on the bridal jewelry scene such as cubic zirconia, crystal, and more.

What else should I know?

In general, pearls are not a gift. Giving pearls to someone, whether a bride or a just a romantic gesture later on in the marriage, can be seen as a bad omen inviting sadness into their life. When giving gifts, stick to stones over pearls to make the right impression and avoid superstitions.