Quinceanera Jewelry Suggestions

The big day you've been dreaming of for years has finally arrived. For many girls of Spanish and Latin countries and cultures, their 15th birthday marks a special transition from childhood to womanhood. While the celebrations may vary depending on the country and the family, it is always a large, fancy celebration. Every girl wears a beautiful gown to celebrate her big day, and no gown is complete without stunning jewelry to go with it. We offer some suggestions for choosing the perfect quinceanera jewelry for your big day.

Choosing the perfect quinceanera jewelry requires several steps:

Match your jewelry to your dress or choose complementary colors.

No one can start shopping for the jewelry before they have the dress. Not only do the colors need to match, but you also want to make sure that the style of your dress matches the style of jewelry worn. Generally, quinceanera dresses are strapless or feature spaghetti straps, but that tradition has evolved over time, and now the dress designs are more varied, offering more variety in jewelry pieces as well.

Decide how many pieces to wear.

This is generally a large formal event, so you may opt for a necklace, earrings, as well as a bracelet, and even a cocktail ring. If you generally do not wear much jewelry, we suggest with just a couple pieces, that way you are still feeling comfortable throughout the party.

Decide whether you are wearing gloves or not.

Depending on if you have gloves to go with your dress, you may choose not to wear a cocktail ring, as it will not fit right with the gloves. However, a bracelet will look beautiful over the gloves.

Decide whether you are wearing a tiara or not.

Many girls opt to wear a tiara to celebrate their big day, as they are treated like royalty for this party. A beautiful crystal comb or headpiece looks just as stunning, and adds a touch of sparkle to your hair.

Make sure your jewelry style is consistent.

Like anything, you want to make sure that all your pieces match consistently. So if you are choosing colored crystals, stick with that, don't mix colored and clear crystals. If you choose a headpiece with a flower, choose floral jewelry pieces as well.

These are just a few quinceanera jewelry suggestions to help make your birthday perfect. Enjoy everything this transition into adulthood offers.