Stress Relief Tactics For Brides

Wedding planning is stressful for both members of the couple but more so for the bride. Whether it is deserved or not, she has a lot of pressure to plan the perfect wedding and make sure that everything goes right with it to create that perfect day. All of that can cause a lot of stress for the bride, so it’s important that everyone has some stress relief tactics to help them get through this period of transition.


This is a great way to relieve stress, whether you are planning a wedding or just adjusting to newlywed life.


Scheduling a weekly or bi-weekly yoga session will help you to relieve your stress, and keep up with your fitness and flexibility during this stressful planning time.

Get a massage

This one is a wonderful way for brides to not only feel pampered, but also relaxed during the wedding planning process. In many cases, spas offer several options from a 30-minute massage to a 60 or 90-minute massage, so you can schedule as much or as little downtime as you can spare.

Listen to some good music

This is a great option for brides who need a good dance break in the middle of planning. Putting on some good music can help motivate you to finish your planning for the day, and can also help to lift your spirits, and keep you more relaxed.

Take a break from screens

Put your phone away, close your laptop, and take an afternoon away from electronics. Having everything at our fingertips is great, until it becomes super stressful for you, especially with all the wedding planning apps. So take a few hours, make a cup of tea, and enjoy some time from your screens.

Keep up with your workout routine

Endorphins can do a lot for your mood, including helping to reduce that pesky stress you’re feeling, so it’s important that no matter how little time you feel you have in the day, you keep your workout routine. It may seem like it’s better to skip, but your mental health, and bridal body, will thank you for keeping up with it.


Take time to rent a funny movie or laugh with your bridesmaids. You can’t be stressed and worried if you’re laughing nonstop with your girls, so this is a nice little break that you definitely deserve.

As a future bride, you definitely need to take your mental health seriously and find moments where you can relax and find some zen. Stress relief tactics for brides are necessary for so many reasons and can help you to find your focus when you’re feeling overwhelmed with the different options.