Tips For Choosing Wedding Jewelry

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. With the importance of such a big day, you want all the smaller details to be absolutely perfect for a memory you will cherish forever. When it comes to finding the right wedding day accessories, a few tips never hurt any bride! Here are a few tips for choosing wedding jewelry to add extra sparkle to your big day.

1. Match your dress in color

The days of brides only wearing white dresses for their nuptials are gone. More and more brides of today are embracing color from blue to dusty rose as a bridal look full of character and life. When choosing a dress full of color, matching jewelry is a beautiful way to create a pulled together look. From colored gems to colored pearls, the options are endless! Even if you are going with a white dress, the color white has its variations such as crème or ivory so make sure you look at color when choosing your wedding day accessories.

2. Match your dress in detailing

Another element to consider when choosing jewelry is the matter of detailing in the dress. For example, if you have crystals in your detailing, stick to cubic zirconia or crystals rather than pearls. This will help to create a unified, polished look perfect for the bride on her big day!

3. Choose the right time period and stick to it

There are pieces that are decidedly vintage and pieces that are decidedly modern in their designs. It is important to make sure the pieces such as the necklace and bracelet are in the same vein time period-wise even if they do not necessarily match perfectly. It can be jarring to see the vintage designs of dangle chandelier earrings with scroll patterns coupled with a modern square bracelet.

4. Think versatility

While the wedding day is all that really matters, it is great to consider the versatility of the pieces in terms of being able to wear them again if needed. If you choose pieces you can wear again either as everyday colorful jewelry or as special occasion jewelry, it can help offset the original cost because you will be reusing it for years!

5. Don’t go overboard

While it can be tempting to see wedding jewelry as more is better, remember that less is more in this area. If you go too flashy with oversized elements, it can distract from your dress or the bride herself and put too much focus on the jewelry. If you wear too many pieces at once, such as necklace, bracelets, additional rings, and hair clip, it can come across as over the top. Consider your dress and wedding theme when choosing to make sure you stay in balance and limit the accessories to one or two crucial pieces.