Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Colors

A wedding is a big endeavor and it can quickly become overwhelming for any bride. With so many details to narrow down, it is important to get the basics out of the way early on. One of the biggest matters is finding the right colors for your wedding. The days of a wedding being mostly white and crème colored affair are quickly fading with the modern bride and her penchant for bold colors. Here are a few tips for choosing your wedding colors to help you make the right choice.

1. Use the season

One of the best tips for choosing your wedding colors is to consider the season. If your wedding is in the fall, rich reds and deep purples may be more fitting whereas a summer wedding definitely calls for something lighter such as coral or even blush. No one is saying your wedding colors have to be red and green for a December wedding, but playing up the tones of the season in a tasteful way is an easy way to pick your colors and it adds something special to the day.

2. Consider the location

Aside from season, the location is another big factor when choosing the wedding colors. For example, a beachy wedding usually uses a lot of blue and color tones whereas a woodsy wedding may use more earthy tones. Of course, it is entirely up to you which colors to choose, but the setting can certainly be a good way to narrow the choices.

3. Get inspired

Every bride to be loves Pinterest. You can find lots of great ideas for weddings, especially color schemes, on this platform so it should be your first stop when looking for wedding day inspiration. You should also browse bridal magazines and top bridal sites to get other ideas in the search for the right colors.

4. Look at flowers

Another way to narrow down your color choices is to look at flowers. Since the flowers will be a big part of the color element in your wedding, it is helpful to look at what is already available in the world of nature. For example, you will be hard-pressed to find rose gold in flower form.

5. Consult the color wheel

When all else fails, you can also consult the color wheel. This will help you to see which colors work well side by side to avoid any mishaps or less than flattering outcomes.