Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Planning a wedding is a big endeavor. While it is a beautiful time in any woman’s life, it can also add up to a lot of stress while ironing out all the details of the big day. One of the biggest elements of your wedding is the use of flowers. This seemingly small element actually plays one of the biggest roles in the special day, so you need to choose carefully. Here are a few tips for choosing your wedding flowers.

1. Budget first

One of the most important tips for choosing your wedding flowers is to consider the budget. Too many brides tell horror stories of going way over budget on the flowers and how it can quickly eat into the budget for other important areas of the big day. While the overall flower budget will depend on factors such as what is in season or the florist prices, you should set a hardline budget saying you won’t go over a set amount money-wise for this one area of the wedding.

2. Get inspired

Once you have determined your max budget, you need to get ideas! Whether you have a board of flower ideas on Pinterest or you look at bridal sites, you need to get an idea of what colors and arrangements might be perfect for your big day. It is important to keep an open mind and not get too hung up on one particular type of flower since you will need to consider what is in season and available within your chosen budget.

3. Find a local florist

While you could order your flowers from anywhere, it is best to stay local. This will save a lot on the matter of transportation and delivery. The best way to find a local florist for your wedding is to get out there and visit shops. Make sure you talk to the florists about the size of the event, the date to make sure they can fill the order in time, and what type of arrangements you are looking for to ensure they can deliver the results.

4. Start with the bouquet

While all of the flowers in your wedding day are important, the bouquet is the most important to the bride. When choosing the rest of the flowers it is a good idea to start with the bouquet to use it as a starting point. This will help to create a more unified appearance overall while making sure you get the flowers and colors best suited to your preferences as the bride.

5. Use your color scheme

When you choose your color scheme, you should incorporate your flowers into the scheme. Modern brides are all about colorful weddings and the flowers are one of the easiest ways to bring the colors to life. Whether you choose navy and peach or gold and rose blush, there is a flower color and type that will work perfectly with this element.