Tips For Photographing Your Engagement Ring

He proposed! Congratulations! Before you begin tackling the wedding planning, take a moment and get some ring selfies or pictures of that bling. This is all new, and there is nothing wrong with being excited and wanting to share a picture from every angle. We've put together some tips for photographing your engagement ring to help you get the best angle, lighting, and shot for your picture.

Like any picture, it's all about the right details, which is why our tips for photographing your engagement ring focus on the smaller things.

  • Make sure your nails are done. We know how exciting this moment is, and he may not have given any signals, meaning you didn't have that perfect manicure, but before sharing a picture of the ring selfie, make sure you get your nails done! It's an added touch that will take your picture up a notch.
  • Go outside or near a window. Lighting is everything, and if you want that perfect picture with the sparkle, you want natural sunlight. Sadly, light bulbs won't help, so you may have to wait, but it's definitely worth it to get the shot.
  • Try a couple of different angles. Depending on what you want to highlight on your ring, you may want an overhead shot or something more at an angle.
  • Get a good background. If you can, try to get a tree or some colorful leaves or even the ocean in the background. While the tile of your house may be fine, something a bit more beautiful will add that extra touch to your picture.
  • Don't zoom in. If you need to move in closer, actually move your phone closer to your hand. Otherwise, you may wind up with a blurry image, and no one wants that.
  • Don't just hold your hand out. Hold hands with your fiancé or relax your fingers or add a prop. It'll make it look more natural, and allow the ring to pop more.
  • Take several options. Don't just take one, take several shots from different angles, but only post the one. Even your closest friends don't want a million pictures of the same ring blowing up their feed, but you can certainly keep a bunch to keep scrolling through. Just use one for your featured image.
  • Touch it up before posting. There are several image editing options out there, and you don't have to be a computer whiz to use them. Just fix any big issues, and experiment with sharpness, contrast, and more to find the perfect image for your post.
  • Include your fiancé! This is a great way to really bring him or her into the selfie, and have them smiling in the background of your picture.

There are no right or wrong ways to take a picture, which is why we simply offer tips for photographing your engagement ring. These will take your pictures up a notch, but we know your friends and family will be excited for you no matter what.