Top 10 Most Popular Days To Get Engaged

Getting engaged is a special milestone in the life of any couple. When it comes to making sure it is memorable, most people try to pick out the perfect day to pop the big question. We are here to help with our list of the top 10 most popular days to get engaged!

1. Valentine's Day

When looking at the top 10 most popular days to get engaged, it should come as no surprise to see Valentine's Day top the list. This is a romantic holiday built on love so it's the perfect occasion to propose to your beloved. Valentine's Day is the perfect cover as a surprise as well because it will seem like any other Valentine's Day date until you pop the biggest question of her life!

2. Saturday before Christmas

This one is a bit surprising, but it is still one of the most popular for a few reasons. For starters, the holidays are the perfect time to celebrate your love, but it is also a time of family togetherness. Some couples like to propose in their hometown surrounded by their family when they are home for a holiday visit. Some couples prefer to propose the Saturday before Christmas because it gives them some time to bask in their newly engaged bliss before telling the family when they go home on the Christmas break.

3. Christmas Eve

Another popular day is Christmas Eve. This is a romantic setting waiting to happen as you two stay warm by the fireplace basking in the glow of the tree lights. There are so many ways to make this a romantic proposal for your someone special. From hanging the ring box like an ornament to proposing in front of the town Christmas tree while snowflakes fall around the two of you, there is just something truly magical about a Christmas Eve proposal.

4. Christmas day

Other than Christmas Eve, Christmas day is the other big Christmas proposal trend. Since this day is naturally magical and significant, it is the perfect time to pop the biggest of questions to your significant other. The fact that you will be opening presents on that morning is a built-in perfect opportunity to include a beautiful engagement ring under the tree and pop the question.

5. Birthday

The major holidays aren't the only day when it's ideal to pop the question. The birthday of your beloved is a special day worth showing your love. You can even go all out with a big grand gesture type of proposal to make this a birthday they will remember for the rest of their life.

6. Anniversary of day you met

While it could be seen as a little cliché, there is something romantic about proposing on the anniversary of the first time you met that special someone. It was a day that changed both of your lives for the better so it is definitely worth it for a proposal to spend forever together. You can even take your beloved back to the spot where you first met for a truly romantic proposal!

7. Other anniversaries

While the anniversary of the first day you met is always romantic, maybe you two didn't hit it off right away or start dating until years later. There are plenty of other anniversaries you can use as your planned proposal day that are plenty romantic. This can be the anniversary of the first date, first kiss, moving in together, or some other milestone you both cherish as part of your shared love story.

8. New Years Eve

This is a night of celebration as you say goodbye to one year and hello to a new one! This is also a great night to pop the question. You can do this right when the ball drops at midnight because you can't imagine spending another year not married to your beloved. Best of all, this is a great proposal for the couple with a lot of friends you want to include in the special moment.

9. New Years Day

If a big party atmosphere isn't your ideal for a proposal but you still want to start the year off on the right track, a proposal on New Year's Day is a sweet choice. This can be something more personal and quieter between just the two of you as opposed to at a big party the night before. This will also let you get a jump start on all those wedding plans since this day of the year makes people want to plan!

10. Fourth of July

When you want a stunning backdrop for your proposal pictures, it is impossible to beat a backdrop of Fourth of July fireworks bursting overhead. This is also a good day to pop the question because you will be surrounded by friends and family who can help capture the moment when you pop the question.