Types Of Pearl Wedding Jewelry

When looking for the right accessories for your special day, there are a few staples which naturally come to mind. Revered for their beautiful luster and place in tradition, pearls are a top choice for brides and bridal party members to help elevate the elegance factor on the special day. Here are a few of the different types of pearl wedding jewelry you need to know.


The first of the different types of pearl wedding jewelry to look at is the choker. The choker style has been around since Victorian times and is starting to make a bold comeback with the modern bride. A choker sits up high on the neck and offers a tight fit. This is a romantic way to highlight the pearls and works well with a variety of dress lines and styles. When looking for a throwback to another era, chokers are the way to go for today’s trendy bride.

Multiple Strands

Another look that is popular among the types of pearl wedding jewelry is the look of wearing multiple strands at once. While a simple single strand is the epitome of understated elegance, a multiple strand approach offers a heightened drama perfect for the modern bride looking to make a statement. To make this look work, pair different pearls necklaces together with slight variations between them but not so drastic as to look mismatched. For instance, pairing a strand in white and one in a creme color is a nice way to add something special to the look. You can also purchase necklaces which are already designed as a multiple strand design. It isn’t just for necklaces either. You can also wear multiple pearl strands as bracelets for a beautiful layered look.


For the wedding looking to mix things up, colored pearls are a welcomed addition. While best known for the white or creme tone, pearls are branching out into beautiful new shades to accommodate the needs of today’s bride. Perfect for the bride or the bridal party colored pearls can be as bold or as delicate in hue as the bride wants. Whether looking for a bright fuchsia hue to match the flowers and dresses, or a delicate blush tone for the slightest hint of color for the flower girl, colored pearls have a lot of variation to make them worth considering. While there are pearls which are naturally colored, such as grey or black pearls, those tend to be costlier than specially dyed pearls. Colored pearls can be seen in every type of accessories including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Colored pearls can even be used in bridal hair clips for an added pop of color.