Ways To Save Money As A Bridesmaid

Weddings can be expensive on all sides. For the bride and groom, they have to pay caterers, for music, a venue, and the list goes on and on. For those attending, you have to bring a gift, and if you happen to get a coveted role in the bridal party, then you also have to pay for gifts, dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup, and various bridal and bachelorette parties. All in all, it can get expensive. However, we've put together some ways to save bridesmaids money.

Next time you get asked to participate in a wedding, check out our tips on ways to save bridesmaids money.

  • Go in with another bridesmaid on a gift. If your bride-to-be and her groom-to-be have larger items on the registry and money is a little tight, try to go in together on a larger gift. This will save the two of you money, and you can still get the happy couple a gift they'll love to have.
  • Borrow what you can. Depending on the bride, you may be able to borrow a variety of accessories, as long as she doesn't require that you and the other bridesmaids match. If she's ok with just the dresses matching or the mix and match look, then you can borrow from friends and family rather than have to spend money on the different accessories on your own.
  • Find a balance in what you can attend and what you need to skip. Your friend will understand that there may be certain events that you simply cannot attend due to finances. If you need to skip some of the more non-vital events like the bachelorette party, then go ahead and do so or join them only for part of it. That way, you're still attending, but aren't having to spend the money on the entire night, instead focusing on the part of it that you can afford.
  • DIY different wedding events. Instead of hosting the bridal shower at a fancy restaurant, go ahead and treat your friend to a DIY afternoon tea or brunch at your home or even at hers. Have the other bridesmaids participate by bringing decorations and food, and the costs are suddenly cut in half. The bachelorette party can be planned the same way. Depending on the bride, she won't need all the pomp and circumstance and would be happy with an old fashioned sleepover at your house complete with wine, movies, and girl talk.
  • Set a gift budget. It's tempting to show the happy couple how much you love and support them with your gift, but at the same time, you need to take your finances seriously and realize that participating in their wedding is a way of showing how much you care. When you are going the extra mile as a member of the bridal party, it's important you set a budget and stick to it. In this case, since you're likely shopping for the wedding, bridal shower, and even bachelorette, set a budget for all three and divide it up by the different events. This will keep you on track and from overspending.
  • Make some money back by selling your bridesmaid dress after you've worn it. In many cases, you will never wear that dress again, and while it looks beautiful in your closet, it could easily be placed on a site like Poshmark, Tradesy, or even on Ebay or the Marketplace and you can recoup some of your money back from the dress. You can do the same thing with different jewelry pieces or accessories that you know you'll never use again after the big day.
  • Have your dress altered at a local tailor. Many bridesmaids forget that after buying the dress, it will likely need some alterations. Getting it altered at a bridal salon is going to be more expensive than if you go to your local tailor, especially if you are just needing the skirt hemmed.

While not able to save everywhere, our ways to save bridesmaids money will help a bit in the long run and help teach you to at least plan financially and find some loopholes to the expensive role of being in the wedding party.