Wedding Day Tips

The big day is here, and all your planning has come to fruition. We have some wedding day tips to help you enjoy everything that this day has, without missing a moment. We know how much stress and planning you put in, now it’s time to enjoy and celebrate.

1. Don’t stress over small things

One of the first rules of any event is that something unexpected will happen. It’s just part of the rules of having any type of party. Things go wrong, and you just have to roll with it. This is your big day, don’t let small details that go awry upset you, you have family and friends who are here to celebrate you, not judge every detail of your wedding.

2. Make a toast

Not all brides and grooms make a toast to address everyone and thank them for their attendance, often times it’s the parents of the couple and the best man and maid of honor who make toasts. Give your guests a short speech thanking them for coming out to celebrate your marriage and new chapter with them. They’re here to celebrate you, and while we all love hearing from the others, it’s always nice to know that the couple appreciates their attendance.

3. Eat before the ceremony

This one is crucial, even if you’re nervous, you need to try to eat something before the ceremony. You have a long day ahead of you and need a good meal before everything to keep your energy up. You also don’t want to feel faint during the ceremony, so make sure you take care of yourself.

4. Stay hydrated

Also exceptionally important, whether your wedding and reception are inside or outside, make sure you drink water before and after. You don’t want to be parched during your vows or feel faint halfway through the night.

5. Be well rested

Sleep is so essential to you looking and feeling your best, so make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get a decent night’s sleep. Calculate in some time for you to be unable to fall asleep immediately, you are going to be so excited the night before, but need to be adequately rested.