Wedding Necklace Styles

Necklace Styles

At Anna Bellagio, we have a variety of wedding necklace styles that look fabulous with popular necklines and styles of today’s bridal gowns. Many of our bridal necklace styles are made with an extender to allow for different lengths. However, if you find a necklace in our collections, and would like it to be shorter or longer, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to accommodate your request, if possible. Here are a few of our most popular wedding necklace styles. You may also want to review our “Find The Perfect Jewelry For Your Gown” article for more information.

Back Dangle

A long-beaded necklace that folds over at the neck, and drapes down the back, this look is a very dramatic style worn with an open back gown. We can also add a back-dangle component to most of our necklaces. Our “Aida” necklace is a back-dangle style. Length: 30 inches. Can be made to accommodate the gown.

Bib Necklace

A necklace that gives the impression of a bib, by draping fringe effects of stones or beads. This works well when looking for something with a lot of drama but not as much length as a dangle necklace. Our “Annalise” necklace is a great example of a bib style necklace. Length: 16-18 inches.


A necklace made with multiple bead strands of unequal length brought together by a clasp, this look is perfect for when you want a little drama at a shorter length necklace. Our bavette styles are made mostly of pearls for a classic look. Please take a look at our “Renata” necklace as it lies perfectly on the neck. Length: 16-18 inches.


One of the most unique bridal necklace styles, chokers were popular during the Victorian age, and have since made a strong comeback. A close-fitting necklace, worn high on the neck, this option works well with a variety of necklines and styles. We make our choker styles with an adjustable extender to get the perfect fit for our brides to be. Length: 14-16 inches.


Collar necklaces lie snugly around the middle of the neck. They are shorter than chokers yet similar in design. Length: 12-14 inches.

Fringe Necklace

A fringe necklace has a series of pendant elements that dangle from the necklace. This is a style perfect for either high collar necklines looking to add something extra or a scoop neckline. Our new “Ansley” necklace is a gorgeous fringe necklace. Length: 16-18 inches.

Illusion or Invisible Necklaces

Also known as a floater necklaces, this style of necklace looks as though the beads are floating on the skin. This effect is created by way of the beads and pearls being strung apart from one another on a monofilament wire which isn’t immediately visible to the human eye. Our “Bella” necklace is one of our most popular Illusion necklaces. Length: 16-18 inches.


The matinee style hits the top of the bust and looks great with bateau or jewel style gowns, or a lower neckline. It’s important that the necklace doesn’t hit the top of the gown to avoid being overshadowed or looking out of place. Length: 20-24 inches.


Typically, a single strand of pearls that falls below the bust, worn single or double depending on the neckline, and on the longer side in terms of length. With a length of 28-34 inches, this is one of the longest options, as well as an easy way to make a bold bridal style statement.


An option that is simple yet still elegant, this is a chain style necklace with an ornament that hangs from the center. “Mariah” is one of our popular pendant style necklaces. Length: 16-18 inches.


A princess style necklace falls just below the throat and is the most popular length of all our necklaces. It works well with almost any neckline or style of dress. The “Ferida’ is a one of our most popular princess style necklaces. Length: 17-19 inches.


A necklace that is made with stones or pearls in the same size and shape throughout the design, this is a popular choice for a uniform appearance. While the norm is for all the pieces to be even, you may find options that are slightly graduated. The “Amelia” floral necklace is a riviere style necklace. Length: 16-18 inches.


A necklace that is bold and unique, this style is all about being noticed. It usually features intricate design elements and glamorous details to stand out. The “Gabriella” statement necklace. Length: 16-18 inches.


A necklace made from multiple strands which are twisted together, this look is a beautiful way to add some extra drama and texture to your bridal style. Our “Alisa” is a gorgeous torsade style necklace. Length: 16-18 inches.


This style necklace gets its name from the shape, which features a delicate dangle forming a y shape around the necklace. Our “Keirsten” necklace is a beautifully designed y-drop necklace. Length: 16-18 inches.