Who Needs To Be Invited To Dress Shopping

Picking out your dress is a very big deal. Most brides tend to make an entire day out of dress shopping, and it's important to get started early. While some may love the first dress that they try on, others may need to try several to find the perfect one for their wedding. But, while this decision may take some time, it also generally takes advice from others. No one wants to go dress shopping by themselves, so it's very important that a bride be surrounded by family and friends who love her and are able to support her during this very emotional time. So you may be wondering, who needs to be invited to dress shopping. Of course, many brides are breaking tradition, and inviting whoever they want to. However, there are some people to consider who should be invited, as long as inviting them will not put undue stress on the bride.

Mother of the Bride

This one is an absolute must, unless the bride and her mother are not in each other's lives. Most women want their mom to be with them while they choose the wedding dress of their dreams. For many, this can be a wonderful moment of bonding for the two, and can be quite emotional. If the mother of the bride is unavailable due to circumstance, it is good for the bride to have a mother figure, whether this be a family friend or her grandmother who raised her. This can be a very emotional decision, for both the bride and the mother of the bride, and it can be very difficult on brides who don't have a maternal figure present to help them make the decision.

Maid of Honor

Your Maid of Honor is your best friend who has been there with you through everything, so it only makes sense that you absolutely need her advice when it comes to this big decision. You've tasked her with a variety of different objectives during this wedding planning adventure, and she most definitely will want to help you out with such a big decision. Your Maid of Honor should be a good friend, who can also be honest, but not brutal. You'll need her to tell you her honest thoughts, but you definitely don't want anyone who is going to upset you or put you in tears on this big day, unless they're happy tears! Your MOH should be as excited as you are to choose a dress, and the bonus of having her along with you for this experience is that you can also have her trying on dresses as well, to find the perfect Maid of Honor dress for her to wear on the big day. Sometimes, you may find that you don't like certain dress styles when they are next to your chosen wedding dress, so it's important to notice this before you've made any decisions about purchasing the dresses for your bridal party.


Just like your MOH, these girls have been tasked with important obligations to help you get through this next chapter in your life, and send you off with plenty of love and support to this next chapter of your life. It only makes sense to include them in the dress shopping experience. They can offer their advice, and then be ready to celebrate with you when you find the one that absolutely takes your breath away.


If you have sisters, they are definitely invited to this exciting adventure, especially since they are likely filling in roles as either a bridesmaid or Maid of Honor. They will give you their honest opinion, and having known you for years, can help you to make the best decision for you, based on what you imagine for your big day. Having a supportive circle of family surround you during this eventful time can be a huge difference between this trip being stressful verse it being a fun day out with your family.

While the list of who needs to be invited to dress shopping can certainly depend on the bride, these are who we feel should be invited to help you on this day. This is a big decision, and while some brides know exactly what they want, others may be a bit more indecisive, and need their circle of support to help them make the right call for them, based on what they want, and not what they think others will want. Make sure that whoever you invite is supportive, loving, and will help you with this decision, rather than try to steal your spotlight or force you into a dress that you don't want.